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Published on: Apr 23, 2024

Otoset® Ear Cleaners: Where to Buy and What to Expect

Otoset® Ear-Cleaning Headphones have captured the everyones attention since their release, with arguably the most innovative approach to ear hygiene the world has ever seen. With many viral videos and images circulating the likes of TikTok, Reddit and other social media platforms. It's clear why the product stands out—it promises an oddly satisfying experience for anyone who enjoys clean ears and hygiene.

The device simplifies ear cleaning into three basic steps:

  1. Irrigation: The system sprays a controlled stream of solution to soften earwax.
  2. Extraction: Suction technology gently removes the softened wax and solution.
  3. Collection: Waste is neatly collected into a disposable reservoir for easy disposal.

Curious about where to find these headphones and what it feels like to use them? Let's examine some firsthand accounts of what to expect during and after use.

The Experience of the OtoSet

As the product has only been out on the market for around a year, and is currently available only to healthcare professionals (for the time being, more on this in the next section), there are not a lot of first-hand experiences documented yet. Luckily, we've found a few!

One reddit user describes the experience as "Like an odd mini spa for your ears. The process was gentle yet effective—first, it sprays a warm, soothing solution that feels like it's melting away all the wax, and then the suction kicks in, it makes some noise but it's smooth overall. The best part was seeing the waste container filled up. It’s oddly satisfying to see all that gunk no longer being part of your body".

The user '@drnosebest' tried out and documented her experience on TikTok, describing the process as pain-free, comfortable but with some noise.

@drnosebest I DID IT! I tried the OtoSet Ear Wax Cleaning System by @OtoSet® by SafKan Health 👂🏾 I didn’t have wax impaction but I still wanted to experience what it feels like. I had a small piece of wax that did come out and my ear felt clearer and more open. The actual cycle was quick and not painful. The sound was like loud static but not uncomfortable. Overall, I was happy with how OtoSet worked. Technology has advanced so much over the past 22 years that I’ve been practicing in the field of ENT and the OtoSet device levels up ear wax cleaning. What do you think about OtoSet? #otoset #otoset® #earwax #earwaxremoval #earnosethroat #safkanhealth #drnosebest ♬ Happy Summer - Vin Music

While reviews are overall very positive, it should be noted that some users argue that the device brings an expensive price tag to a procedure that can be done with more affordable tools.

otoset ear-cleaning headphones being prepared

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Where to Experience the Otoset

The OtoSet® is currently available for sale to healthcare professionals in the US. Consumers interested in home use can join a waitlist, although an exact timeline for availability has not been announced. It is important to remember that ear cleaning is a procedure best performed by professionals.

The headset has been (and still is) provided free of charge to some early health-professional adopters. Contrary to the claims circulating on social media suggesting a price range of $2,000 to $3,000, these figures are inaccurate. Currently, the OtoSet is not available for direct public purchase.

And contrary to social media claims, the procedure itself is far less costly than the total price of the headset. Healthcare professionals purchase numerous disposable ear tips and some clinics such as Hearing Unlimited offer ear-cleaning sessions with the OtoSet for the low cost of $35 USD.

To experience the OtoSet, contact your local otolaryngologist's office. If they do not have the OtoSet, they are likely to have different professional ear cleaning methods and treatments that are safe and effective. These alternatives may include manual earwax removal or medicated treatments depending on your specific needs.

Safety Precautions and Recommendations

While the OtoSet® offers a convenient and efficient solution for ear cleaning, it is important to use it under appropriate conditions. The device is designed for use by individuals without a history of ear infections or eardrum perforations. Users are advised to consult with a healthcare professional before using the OtoSet® if they have had recent ear surgeries or are currently experiencing ear pain.

OtoSet® vs. Traditional Ear Cleaning Methods

Compared to traditional ear cleaning methods such as manual removal or over-the-counter ear drops, the OtoSet® provides a much faster and potentially more hygienic experience. Manual methods, while cost-effective, require precision and can risk damage to the ear canal if not performed correctly. The OtoSet® minimizes risks but comes at a higher initial cost, justified by its technological advantages. The good news is, the bulk of these costs are for the healthcare professional/clinic and the procedure itself is not costly as covered above

If you do decide to try out the OtoSet®, consider documenting the experience. You know, for science. It's also oddly satisfying to see and strange as it might sound; your ear cleaning with the OtoSet® has solid chances of going viral.