Published on: April 8th, 2024

Online MoCA Test

Welcome to the online simulation of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), a tool for detecting cognitive impairment. While the online interactive version of the MoCA test below aims to simulate the structure and content of the official assessment, please note that this can only serve as a preliminary self-assessment rather than a diagnosis. The accuracy of cognitive testing can vary based on numerous factors, including the testing environment and personal health conditions. An in-person evaluation by a qualified healthcare professional is essential for an official assessment. You can use this tool as an informative first step in understanding cognitive health, and consider discussing your results with a healthcare professional for a full evaluation.

Important Notes (!)

Initial Objective

Please draw a line going from a number to a letter in ascending order. Begin at point (1) and draw a line from (1) then to (A) then to (2) and so on. You will end at point (E) The first two steps are already drawn as example, so you can continue from point (2).

Interpreting your results

If your score falls below the maximum obtainable score of 13 in the test above, it is recommended that you consider discussing your results with your healthcare provider or general practitioner (GP) and ask them if they can help you take the in-person version of the MoCA.

The latest PDF offline MoCA test can be downloaded here. Instructions for the offline test can be accessed here.

Photo of men undertaking the MoCA test

Photo by: Centre for Ageing Better

Did You Know?

1. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a widely used screening tool designed to detect mild cognitive impairment.

2. MoCA assesses various cognitive domains, including memory, attention, language, and visuospatial abilities.

3. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a condition characterized by cognitive decline that is greater than expected for an individual's age but does not significantly interfere with daily functioning.

4. Early detection of cognitive impairment through tests like the MoCA can enable timely intervention and management, potentially slowing down the progression of cognitive decline.

5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical exercise, a balanced diet, social engagement, and mental stimulation, is essential for preserving cognitive health.